Rent Assistance

Rental Assistance (Property Management Services) a division formed by TK Housing & Constructions specially to cater the needs and to serve NRIs and people staying outside Chennai but has invested here. We take care of your properties in your absence.

Our rental service is of great advantage for Non-Resident Indians and to people who stay away from their property who need their property to be rented out.

What you will have to do to rent out your property?

NRIs and their beneficiaries in India, also those who require our service are required to post order to us thus by submitting the details about the property.

What we do as we get your order?

  • Inspect the property
  • Evaluate the property for the potential rental income
  • Advertise in newspapers
  • Represent the client
  • Visits to show the property to potential customers
  • Background check for the potential customer
  • Negotiate on the clients behalf to get the best deal
  • Finalizing the lease agreement

What we offer in rental assistance?

We ensure your convenience in finding a suitable tenant with no hassle.

Client representing service -

One Month brokerage will be charged, if the deal gets finalized by us in the time period of the service being provided. But if the client is yours we will not charge any brokerage, but just act as your representative and attend the clients with complete dedication by providing them complete information about your property and will give update details of the conversation to you. Client representing is the most priority service we provide.

Tenant Management

Tenant Management is another division of TK HOUSING & CONSTRUCTIONS which cater the need to management rentals, tenant, and other maintenance related to the property. NRI and other people staying away from their property can be benefitted by this service.

What you will have to do to manage tenants for your property?

NRIs and their beneficiaries in India, also those who require our service are required to post order to us thus by submitting the details about the property.

What we do as we get your order?

1. Rental assistance (if the property is vacant)

2. Communication with the tenants -
On your behalf, TK Housing & Constructions executive will explain the legal issues and responsibilities to your tenant(s). The following items will be discussed with the tenant(s):

  • Rent issues – Amount of rent, payment date, escalation in rent as per contract, advance rent, TDS deductions (if any) and any other payments
  • Duration of lease contract
  • Areas of property that can be used and those that is out of bound
  • Regular maintenance of property interiors and exteriors
  • Terms and conditions about the repairs and maintenance in the contract
  • Any other legal clauses in the lease contract that need to be explained
  • To understand the terms and conditions of your lease contract (if already existing), we would require a copy of the rental agreement with your tenant.

3. Regular Property Inspection

A periodic property inspection shall be conducted by TK Housing & Constructions team to check the condition of the property. Such inspection would include both the interiors and exteriors of the property.
Exterior checks will be done on monthly basis by our Executive at the time of rent collection. An Interior check will be done once every quarter by a manager and the Property Inspection report would be mailed across to you.

4. Assist in Inventory Check while giving possession and vacating

Inventory checks will be made at the time of entry of the tenant into your property. If there is an existing tenant, we can conduct inventory check at the time of quarterly inspection.
A complete check of inventory will be done, when the tenant is vacating the property and a detailed list of all assets and their conditions will be made. It will be compared against the inventory list annexed to the rental agreement and appropriate suggestions will be given to you based on the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

5. Assist in Payment of Bills

All the details about the utility bill payments like Property Tax, Water, Electricity, etc will be maintained in our database and a request note for the payments will be sent to you well before the final payment date. After the receipt of the payments, it will be paid to the concerned department. Receipts will be maintained in your case file and can also be sent to you on request.

6. Assist in Repairs and Maintaining

Tenants can get in touch with us for all major maintenance work (they are expected to do minor work and bear the cost of consumables required for upkeep of the property). Upon request for maintenance work by tenants, a physical visit will be made to assess the work requirement within a reasonable time.

What we offer in tenant management?

Client Representing service
Charges will be 10% of the annual rental value of the property.

Plot Monitoring

Regular Monitoring of Plots by TK Housing & Constructions - Many stories are told of lands that have been grabbed when the real owners are away or settled abroad for a long time to take care of the property. It is not worth owning properties without constant monitoring.

Here we are, to combat this menace in a very transparent, genuine and safe way to take care of your property with vigilance and up to date reporting.

Rajam Property Management offers consistent and customized plot monitoring services, and the best level of personalized service with every visit. NRIs can request for this service to take care of their property or assist their elderly parents or busy family.

Plot Monitoring Service includes :-

    1. Regular Monitoring of plots to ensure that the plot is free from encroachment.
    2. Regular reporting on the status on the cleanliness of the plots.
    3. Digital pictures and reports of the plots will be sent.
    4. Bases on client’s requirement no. of visits / year can be scheduled.
    5. We will update on the status of the plot and warn if we see or anticipate any attempts to encroach.
    6. Show property to the plots to your relatives who don’t even know where it is.

A notice board can be optionally displayed to warn trespassers at extra cost.

Key Deliverables

Inventory Check

We will inspect your Property at commencement of contract, take pictures and make an inventory checklist of all the items available in the property (like furniture, fixtures, etc.).

Rental Agreement Drafting

We will draft and finalize rental / lease agreement in liaison with the owner and the tenant.(if needed). In the event that you cannot be present, we will provide the necessary paperwork for a limited/ specific power of attorney so that we, or a representative of your choosing, can sign on your behalf.
In such cases, Power of attorney adjudication charges apply for NRIs and any lawyer fees will be billed extra.

Explaining Restrictions and Responsibilities

At the time of the signing of the lease, we will explain the limitations, restrictions and responsibilities of both parties.


Our Executive will co-ordinate with your tenant, inspect the property and send you a report. Four (4) inspections in a year at periodic intervals or on a need basis are included in the package. However, a schedule for the visits will be drawn in advance and informed at the time of commencement of service. Extra visits required will be charged.

Rent Collection and Deposit

At the beginning of the month, we will collect the rent cheque and deposit it in your bank account based on your instructions.

Utility Bill Payments

Depending on the terms of the rental agreement, we can handle your utility bill payments for you. During vacant period, assistance will be provided to make payment of Electricity bill, Maintenance bill and water bill.

Exit Inventory Check

At the time of moving in and vacating, we will do a thorough check of inventory to make sure that your property has been protected.

** All Government and miscellaneous Fees will be Billed Extra.